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I’ve decided to return to my little corner of the internet. Who was waiting for me? No one. I’ve still been knitting — a lot — and I used to write about it.


This beanie was made with Westlake Yarn in Dew. Easily the nicest yarn I’ve ever used — highly recommend! 

I also used to write “patterns”. If you tried to follow one of my “patterns”, I’m really and truly sorry. Definitely exaggerating here, but I know they weren’t the best. I’m by no means a pro — I get a little better with every project (with the odd failed sweater in the mix), so maybe patterns will appear on here one day, but today is not that day! LOTR and knitting… no one is reading past this point.


I went with economical Vanna’s Choice yarn in Silver Heather for this sweater. I wasn’t ready to commit to beautiful, expensive yarn just yet.

I knit my very first successful sweater and was so proud. Thank you to this pattern by Lion Brand for making it so easy. Note that I went for the large size and it ended up slightly cropped on my 5’9 frame (there’s a pair of high-waisted jeans for that).


These socks were made with Patons Kroy Socks FX yarn in Camo Colors.

I also made my first pair of socks. Not sure why, but socks were always the scariest kind of knitting project: teeny tiny needles, teeny tiny yarn, a million and one stitches, the list goes on. I’m so happy I finally took the plunge. Unfortunately I can’t link to a pattern as it was scanned from a book (Best of Love Knitting: Socks), but if you find a copy I can’t recommend it enough. This pattern made a somewhat intimidating project very digestible. This won’t be my last pair — that’s for sure. Although they took forever and are far too precious to ever wear again.


Poppy approved. 

I know my absence wasn’t a huge deal for most people (read: anyone), but I’m really happy to be back. This blog was where I kept track of my projects and the projects haven’t stopped — I love knitting now more than ever.

Talk soon,


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