Crochet: Baby Sets

My co-worker is pregnant, and we both have Pinterest, so obviously I have been spending most of my free time crocheting cute baby things. Most of them are photo props, because let’s be real: What baby is going to keep a floppy bunny hat on their head for more than five seconds? But the sets are adorable and that’s all that matters.

I feel like replicating pictures seen on Pinterest (all links will be below) has pushed me out of my comfort zone with crochet. At this point, I think I could tackle almost any project. The first set I made was this sweet bear hat and diaper cover:

Yarn, Things, Etc. | Crochet Baby SetsShe doesn’t know if she’s having a boy or girl, but girls look great in blue as well. A cute little bear hat knows no gender. This was really just a prototype for the main bunny hat; luckily it turned out pretty well! Yarn, Things, Etc. | Crochet Baby SetsThe bunny set was a product of Pinterest and it is honestly too much. I can’t even look at it without squealing. There are pipe cleaners in the ears to make them bend, which also makes them a bit heavy, but this one is 100% a photo prop. Too cute for words. Yarn, Things, Etc. | Crochet Baby SetsAnd this next one is actually ridiculous. In a weird way, it’s probably my most successful project to date. It took a lot of troubleshooting and recalling crochet techniques. The picture doesn’t even fully show the craziness that is this cow hat. Should I have any children in the future, they will almost always be wearing stuff like this. Yarn, Things, Etc. | Crochet Baby SetsAnyways, I hope you enjoy this little snippet of my baby projects. Click below for links to all of the patterns and inspiration photos. I would never take credit for such great patterns– they really helped as I tried to replicate some pretty intricate projects.

Bunny Inspiration Photo via GiggledPink on Etsy

Bunny and Bear Hat via Repeat Crafter Me

Adjustable Diaper Cover via Bobbles and Baubles

Crochet Cow Hat via fromtheheart3 on Etsy

Happy crocheting! 


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