Knit: Honeycomb Headband

Surprise, surprise… another headband. I feel like I should get a pass for this one since it is a bit more adventurous. Headbands are usually my default if I want to experiment with a new stitch, and experiment I did.

I am just a little bit obsessed with the honeycomb stitch. It is actually quite simple (if you’ve cabled before) and makes for a quick project. Most of my projects are quick, but I have started expanding to blankets and sweaters—more on that later.

Honeycomb Headband / Yarn, Things, Etc.

This headband is insanely warm, which is good for this cold Canadian weather we’ve been having. I promise I won’t go on about the weather.

Honeycomb Headband / Yarn, Things, Etc.

I truly love this stitch. It looks professional without being overly difficult and is on-trend. Usually I don’t care about that kind of thing, but I did see a few stores carrying honeycomb stitch sweaters. I felt proud when I knew exactly how to make it, and I can picture the eye rolls that would have ensued if I had said it aloud.

There’s really no pattern to this. I learned how to do the honeycomb stitch from Vogue Knitting and worked until it was long enough (about 20 repeats of the cable, if I remember correctly).

Happy knitting!


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