Knit: Seed Rim Beanie

Another month has come and gone…and my knitting has spiralled out of control. I should have known during the summer that it was only going to get worse, but here I am– I’ve let knitting take over my life. I wish I had a reasonable explanation. I don’t.

Anyways, I’ve been gearing myself up for bigger projects for a while now (with little success, I might add). I just love to know that a project will work out in the end, which is why I present to you another beanie. This one is actually my favourite thus far and gets me in the mood to go outside. Except I’m probably not outside; I’m probably knitting.

Seed Rim Beanie | Yarn, Things, Etc.

Recently I’ve been exploring some new stitches and techniques that have resulted in some pretty fun projects. It’s almost difficult to choose which projects warrant a blog post, which brings me to my latest obsession: Instagram!

Seed Rim Beanie | Yarn, Things, Etc. If you’re interested in seeing some of my smaller knitting endeavours, I post them to

Seed Rim Beanie | Yarn, Things, Etc.

Seed Rim Beanie

In The Round


  • Medium weight worsted wool or acrylic yarn (pictured is Lion Brand Lion’s Pride | Woolspun 20% wool blend in Evergreen)
  • Size 8 knitting needles (5 double pointed)
  • Tapestry Needle

Stitches Used:

  • Seed/Moss Stitch (Alternate knitting the purls and purling the knit stitches)
  • Knit


Cast on 64 stitches

Work in a seed stitch for 10 rows (this will form the rim)

K for another 32 rows

K until you reach a total of 42 rows and begin decrease: K2tog for one round and K the next

Continue decreasing until you are left with approx. one stitch on each needle

Cut a long tail and weave through the remaining stitches

Finish by weaving all loose ends with a tapestry needle

Happy knitting!


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