Crochet: Seattle Beanie

When I took a trip to Vancouver/Seattle late last year, I was surprised to find so many crafty shops and, of course, yarn. This particular beanie is made from a couple skeins I picked up in Seattle, so it’s been a long time in the making. You can imagine my boyfriend’s dismay to find himself sitting in a yarn shop on our vacation, but I could hardly contain my excitement– yet another reason for his dismay, I’m sure.

Seattle Beanie | Yarn, Things, Etc.

Going to Seattle was like a dream come true. Although most people would hate the gloomy weather, it really only added to the experience for me. I couldn’t live any further from the west coast, but I hope to move a little closer one day.

Seattle Beanie | Yarn, Things, Etc.

I was instantly attracted to the thin taupe yarn, mostly because it reminded me of the grey skies and nautical feeling of being in Seattle. I found the yarn shop in the Public Market close to the first Starbucks. With my obsession with coffee already well-established on this blog, you could say I was excited.

Seattle Beanie | Yarn, Things, Etc.

Without further ado…

Seattle BeanieĀ 

Seattle Beanie | Yarn, Things, Etc.

To complete this project I referenced the following YouTube video: Easy Beginner Crochet Hat by Yolanda Soto Lopez. It’s a follow along video, which is far more helpful than anything I could write.

I made a slight variation to her pattern (to suit the gauge produced by my 5.50mm crochet hook and thin yarn) by casting on 40 stitches and working 68 rows. The beanie isn’t really slouchy, and the folded-over rim isn’t very thick, but that’s the way I wanted it.

Happy Crocheting!


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