Crochet: Jewellery Tray

If there’s anything I love about crochet—and trust me, there are many things—it’s the endless number of functional items that beg to be created. When I sit down to knit, I’m always temped to create a hat, headband or pair of mittens (that pretty much sums up the extent of my knitting projects), but crochet allows for a bit more experimentation.

When creating something functional like a basket or a tray, I find it best to use a sturdy twine or worsted-weight yarn. For this particular project I wanted to use a fine white yarn, so I doubled up with some thin hemp string. The result was this stable little jewellery tray:

Crochet Jewellery Tray | Yarn, Things, Etc.

Crochet Jewellery Tray | Yarn, Things, Etc.

While it’s a bit warmer here (a whole 7 degrees today—yahoo!) I thought this tray would be a nice break from all of the winter gear. I tried to make this tray as spring-like as a tray can get to beat the winter blahs. I can picture what it will look like when the warm summer sun is shining in on my dresser. That was a bit dramatic. I just want it to be summer, ok?

Crochet Jewellery Tray

Crochet Jewellery Tray | Yarn, Things, Etc.

In The Round


  • Medium-weight twine
  • Fine or worsted weight yarn
  • Size 5.00MM Crochet Hook
  • Tapestry Needle

Crochet Stitches Used:

  • Single crochet


Chain 4 stitches, working with both the twine and the yarn, and join in the round

Single crochet 8 times into the centre to create first round

Work in a spiral: *single crochet once into the first space, single crochet twice into the second space to increase

Repeat from * until you reach your desired circumference

Single crochet in the outside stitch only to build the rim of the tray, continue for one round

Using only the yarn, single crochet into both stitches for two rounds to create a contrasting rim

Weave in ends using a tapestry needle

Happy crocheting!


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