Crochet: Bright Basket

If you take a spin past my Valentine’s Day post, you’ll see that I included a festive little basket. This basket is very much a variation of that basket, but bigger and brighter! I also used twine (I love twine).

Bright Basket | Yarn, Things, Etc.Bright Basket | Yarn, Things, Etc.

While twine can be a bit difficult to work with, the end result is well worth any trouble. I wasn’t entirely sure how this project would turn out, but I was left with a flexible basket that’s perfect for containing my many knick-knacks. I like the nautical look of twine mixed with a bight pop of colour—definitely easy on the eyes after a long winter.

Bright Crochet Basket

Bright Basket | Yarn, Things, Etc.

In The Round


  • Medium-weight twine in two colours
  • Size 5.00MM Crochet Hook
  • Tapestry Needle

Crochet Stitches Used:

  • Single crochet


Chain 4 stitches and join in the round

Single crochet 8 times into the centre to create first round

Work in a spiral: *single crochet once into the first space, single crochet twice into the second space to increase

Repeat from * until you reach your desired base circumference

Once your base is complete, single crochet on the outer stitch only for one round

On the next round, single crochet into both stitches to build the body of the basket

Continue to work in the round until you reach your desired size

Create an accent with an additional two rows of a contrasting colour

Happy Crocheting!


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